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Mensch a singer/songwriter originally from Arizona, began his music career in Colorado in 2005. Mensch plays a wide variety of original and cover music stylings from country to to rock.

A FIRST TASTE of the performing rush happened at 7 years old in a theatre program in Aspen, Colorado called Kids Live. Instantly hooked and continued doing theatre until 17.

THE FIRST LYRICS were written as a rebelling teenager just passed the driving age, though the first serious dive into creative writing actually happened while attending Arizona State University at age 18.

THE FIRST GUITAR was purchased from a local music store in Durango, Colorado while reassessing the College experience at Fort Lewis College. Well, more like re-evaluating the party versus the education. Balance was yet to be obtained at age 19.

A NICKNAME. Mensch was given the nickname ID as he took a job working at a local music store. There were two Daves and he became the other syllable. Very first CD would be under this name… very few have copies. If you happen to have one, consider yourself lucky, because, that was the beginning and is not available for purchase.

THE FIRST BAND was called “Second Method”. A group of college friends. A continued delinquence. Writing, playing, drinking, smoking, and flirting with the chicks. The good ol’ band days. Mensch was just the singer of this band. Saving his guitar playing days for another day.

A MOMENT ON A PLANE, in the wrong seat, on Christmas day, introduced Mensch to a guitar player which later helped jointly create the second band “Prima Facia”. Ultimately named this due to a legal term Prima Facie Eveidence. Slight spelling difference, as bands can be found doing, but still meaning “On ones face it appears.” Opportunity quickly arose, opening for Kansas, 38 Special as one of their introductory band gigs. First signature was for a woman with one shoe on after the show. Later continued to open for greats like Charlie Daniels, Dan Fogelberg, Tanya Tucker, Lovin’Spoonful, and Bad Finger.

THE SIDE PROJECT was called “151”. A duo of 2 guitars while Mensch sang. Ultimately named after enjoying the cringing taste of Bacardi 151. The idea of this project would later become the seed for the “Dave Mensch”, now referred to as just “Mensch”, albums.

THE BREAKING. The party had taken over. At 25, Mensch checked into a 29 day rehab.

THE BREAKUP. Bands break up. It happens. And it was time. “Prima Facia” was closed. Upon being sober, relationships change, and this band was no exception. A new road was to be paved. Upon the breakup of band, a close friend muttered “But you can’t play guitar” as a response to Mensch’s idea to form a new band which he would play guitar. Always a person to rise to a challenge, that was all the inspiration he needed.


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