About Durango Music: Your 1-Stop Shop For Everything Music!

Durango Music is your 1-stop shop for everything music in the Four Corners Area. On this site you can browse the widest selection of bands and musicians, get information on music venues and find all the upcoming shows and concerts. All of this is organized into different regions in order to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, wherever you may be. We’ve also got all the latest regional news and information about what’s going down in our area.


Main Sections of the Site:

Event Section

Durango Music has an event functionality that features calendars in a number of places. The primary one is on the event page, although events are also featured on various pages, such as those belonging to individual bands or venues, as well as regional-specific pages. Durango Music also has the ability to push events to partner sites belonging to bands or venues, making the upcoming events automatically appear on those sites.

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Band Directory

Durango Music has a comprehensive directory of bands and musicians from the Four Corners Area. There is one main directory as well as a large number of pages that filter the bands by a number of criteria. For example; it’s possible to browse band and musicians by specific music genres, as well as by their location. The band pages display a wealth of information, such as bio, social links, band members and Discography.

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Venue Directory

Durango Music also has directories of the various venues offering live music. The music venues listed range from restaurants and bars to theaters and concert halls. There’s a main directory that lists all establishments contained on the site, as well as directories dedicated to individual towns and cities. The directory pages display contact information, social links, an event calendar and other important business information.

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Podcast: Connect With Us Live On Air!

If you really want to get to know the team behind Durango Music, the best time and place to do that is definitely during one of our live podcasts. The only way to get more personal than that is meeting us in person. We go live every Thursday at 6 PM Mountain Time. Outside of the core team, expect to see guests ranging from musicians to other people involved in the music scene.


Coming Soon: Shop For Music and Swag Online

Coming soon, we’ll be implementing the ability for musicians to upload and sell their music on our site. We will be supporting digital downloads of individual tracks or whole CDs, as well as hardcopy CDs. We also have plans to support other items such as clothing and other merchandise. The swag is a little more complicated and involved, as it’d require warehousing and fulfillment.


Offering Solutions To Bands and Venues

In addition to providing a wealth of information to anyone and everyone trying to find the best shows, musicians and music venues, Durango Music also provides a wealth of services for the bands and businesses. These services range from no-cost to low-cost. Free services include getting featured on the site and web development. Services such as e-commerce and sales of music and goods are coming very soon. There’s also a wide range of marketing solutions available for both bands and establishments.

Bands: Marketing Services For Musicians

Venues: Marketing Services For Venues


History of Durango Music

Durango Music was originally founded by Nathan Hammond as a form of Covid-19 relief for the Four Corners community. When the pandemic hit and closed down most of the businesses, the entertainment sector was one that was hit first and hardest. When the restaurants and other establishments were forced to either close or convert to delivery and curbside, it killed all the concerts and shows. Add to it the restrictions on number of people allowed to congregate and it made it impossible to host any kind of show.

With the founding of Durango Music, it was possible to at least provide a couple of remote jobs to the team put together to build and operate the site. Through the new venture, services could be provided to local musicians and venues. Eventually new revenue streams could be offered as well. Revenue streams that were remote in nature, therefore more resistant to the impacts that covid-19 had on the community, our nation and the world.

As of writing this, Durango Music is less than two weeks old, so it’s really hard to even call this “history”, but so far it’s the most comprehensive backstory we can tell. Only the future knows how long this pandemic will last. The same holds true for what the future holds for this venture, as well as our community.


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