Business and Marketing Solutions For Music Venues

Venue Services

Professional / Marketing Services For Music Venues

Here are the various services and solutions that we have for music venues. We’ll be expanding these services over time to be more full-service. Some solutions are 100% free of charge. Here is currently what we’ve got available to music venues.


Music Venue Directory Listings

We’ve got a directory of Four Corners music venues where we list all the various bars, restaurants, concert halls and other establishments with live musical performances. In addition to the main directory, which is a combination of everything in the regional area, we also have directories for each individual town in the area.

Venue Information Pages – Each music venue in the directory gets their own dedicated information page. This includes all the basic information on each establishment. Here is a list of things included on these informational pages:

  • About / general information
  • Business information (address, phone number, email, ect)
  • Links to website and social media sites
  • List of upcoming shows (currently disabled due to covid-19


PR / News Syndication

Venues that send us all of their music-related news and announcements will have their stories featured on our blog and shared via our social media accounts. We hand-pick the top and most timely and newsworthy stories submitted to us for our email newsletters as well (we do offer sponsored email campaigns in addition to what we prepare in-house, explained further below).


Email Marketing Solutions

We’re currently offering several email marketing solutions:

Email Marketing & Opt-In Form Implementation: If you’re not currently offering email marketing, we will implement an email marketing platform on behalf of you. We’ll also help implement opt-in forms to collect email recipients, and give basic consultation and best practices. This is 100% free, as we get a commission from all the email platforms, including the two that we highly recommend.

Sending email campaigns on behalf of advertisers: We also offer email campaigns to our list of subscribers. Contact us for details.