The Moetones: Lowbrow (2011)

The Moetones: Lowbrow (2011)

The Moetones: Lowbrow

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Track List:

  1. Let You Go (3:04)
  2. Road House (2:04)
  3. Desert Moon (4:42)
  4. Red Corvette (2:37)
  5. Hot Rod Rock (2:36)
  6. Mr. Big Man (3:34)

Album Info:

  • Band: The Moetones
  • Date Published: August 11th, 2012
  • Music Genre: Rock
  • Band Members:
    • Moe Cooley: Guitar, Lead Vocals
    • Tomoe Gozen: Bass, Vocals
    • Peter Ortego: Drums, Vocals
    • Dale X Allen: Lead Guitar
  • Number of Songs: 6
  • Album Length: 18 Minutes

About The Moetones

The Moetones are a high energy 3 piece from Cortez Co. When the Moetones gig, they play a diverse range of styles, including, but not limited to; Rock, Blues, Country. The Moetones also plays originals. They released Lowbrow in 2011, recorded at Eagle sound in Durango.


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