The Cannondolls: Crumbs (2016)

The Cannondolls: Crumbs (2016)

The Cannondolls: Crumbs

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Whether it’s with wailing electric guitar, scuttling honky-tonk piano, sweet harmonies or lyrics that span from emotionally honest narratives, to quirky and irreverent romps, The Cannondolls’ five-track EP “Crumbs” is an alt-country joyride, with accents of power-ballad pop, doo-wop, ragtime and Americana folk.

Building on her 2011 recording “Caitlin Cannon and the Artillery,” Cannon finds lyrical and melodic maturity on the EP with the help of co-writer Kate Willyard, their first collaboration and the first time working with producer Andy Rok, founding member of The Flobots (Denver, CO).

At the heart of “Crumbs EP” are musical contradictions–a string of surprising lyrical and melodic juxtapositions: The struggle and remorse heard in “Bed on Fire” and “Diamonds and Gold”, tracks that were intended as soulful murder ballads, ultimately became power anthems with driving rhythms and chipper melodies. And, paradoxically, when singing of misery and despair in the final tracks “Pain” and “Way To Go,” the lyrics, harmonies and melodies point to an underlying optimism.

Track List:

  1. Bed On Fire (2:44)
  2. Crumbs (2:18)
  3. Diamonds and Gold (2:20)
  4. Pain (3:28)
  5. Way to Go (4:39)

Album Info:

  • Band: The Cannondolls
  • Date Published: August 23rd, 2016
  • Music Genre: Country
  • Number of Songs: 5
  • Album Length: 15 Minutes
  • Band Members:
    • Caitlin Cannon: Lead Vocal, Autoharp
      Kate Willyard: Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, Cajon, Glockenspiel
      Alissa Wolf: Fiddle
      Andy Rok: Guitar, Professional Tambourine, “What For”
      Joseph Shull: Lead Guitar
      Joseph Humphreys: Piano
      Noah Mathews: Bass
      Benjamin Hatch: Drums
      Brian Willyard: .40 Springfield XDM
  • Written By: Caitlin Cannon and Kate Willyard
  • Recorded By: The Keep (Denver, CO)
  • Artwork By: Mark Cort


The Cannondolls Information

Known for intricate harmonies akin to those of First Aid Kit, their eclectic sound draws in audiences and spits out fans. The duo added fiddle player Alissa Wolf in 2015 and often features guest musicians for special shows/venues. The not-to-be-missed live performances might treat fans to impromptu giveaways of handmade jewelry crafted from spent bullet casings, a batch of freshly baked cookies, or a knitted cozy for your coffee cup, offering glimpses into the quirky vulnerability and humor inherent in the band’s optimistic and refreshing musical process.


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