Stillhouse Junkies CD: Over the Pass (2018)

Stillhouse Junkies: Over The Pass (2018)

Stillhouse Junkies: Over The Pass

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Track List:

  1. Over the Pass (3:50)
  2. Meet Me Halfway (3:55)
  3. A Hundred Days (4:55_
  4. No Ambition (5:01)
  5. Farmer in a Ferrari (3:46)
  6. You Would Know Better (5:19)
  7. Do What You Can (3:14)
  8. West Virginia (4:04)
  9. Honest Man (2:59)
  10. 1963 (3:22)
  11. On the House (4:47)
  12. On My Dying Day (3:13)

Album Info:

  • Band: Stillhouse Junkies
  • Date Published: April 20th. 2018
  • Music Genre: Bluegrass / Folk
  • Band Members:
    • Alissa Wolf
    • Cody Tinnin
    • Fred Kosak
  • Number of Songs: 12
  • Album Length: 48 Minutes


Stillhouse Junkies Information:

Born in a distillery in Durango, CO, Stillhouse Junkies play a delirious, head-spinning mixture of original roots, blues, funk, swing, and bluegrass music. With… all three band members sharing vocal duties and swapping instruments, the Junkies conjure a wide range of tonal landscapes that pay tribute to the iconic sounds of Gillian Welch, the Allman Brothers, Tim O’Brien, the Wood Brothers, John Hiatt, and countless others while breaking new musical ground with their genre-bending original material.


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