List of Durango / Four Corners Metal Bands

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Skull Theory: Metal – Durango, CO

Skull Theory – Local Metal Music In Durango, Colorado Skull Theory – Bio, Info & Concerts Skull Theory blends an impressive mix of Rock & Heavy Metal with a very

Vile Aesthetic: Metal (Durango, CO)

Vile Aesthetic – Black Metal Band In Durango, CO Vile Aesthetic – Bio, Info & Concerts Vile Aesthetic is a black metal band based in mountain wilderness of Colorado. Lyrical

Six Minute Suicide: Metal (Durango, CO)

Six Minute Suicide – Metal Band Located In Durango, CO Six Minute Suicide – Bio, Info & Concerts Dark, Brutal, Devastatingly Pure Metal music forged in the heart of Durango Colorado

The Wedding is Off: Metal (Cortez, CO)

The Wedding is Off – Local Metal Band In Cortez, CO The Wedding Is Off  – Bio, Info & Concerts A healthy mix of heavy breakdowns, dissonant harmonic riffage, and

Morbid Justice: Metal (Durango, CO)

Morbid Justice Local Metal Music In Durango, CO Morbid Justice Bio, Info and Concerts Trolling for beer at the Ignacio Bike Rally in CO one night, an unexpected but epic