Lawnchair Kings: Virtually Acoustic (2016)

Lawnchair Kings: Virtually Acoustic (2016)

Lawnchair Kings: Virtually Acoustic

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The acoustic version of the Lawn Chair Kings gives fans a chance to dig the lyrics of Nordstrom; you’ll find yourself climbing into his world of alien abduction, the acquisition of some cheap beer and the pursuit of the perfect punk rock show. No fluff. No predictable, Centennial State band rehashing of snow covered mountains and frosty rivers, as this is for the weirdos on Colfax or the punk-rock loving Durango 40-somethings taking a pull of a mini of fireball ready to become a lyric in Nordstrom’s next song.

Track List:

  • Alien Abductee (2:45)
  • Who Drank All That Beer (2:13)
  • Unrequited Love (3:12)
  • Got What You Need (5:11)
  • Rock and Roll Feelin’ in My Heart (3:01)
  • She Ain’t My Girl (2:34)
  • Big Day in the City (3:17)
  • Little Me (3:42)
  • Candle (2:38)
  • Song 4 U (2:56)

Album Info:

  • Band: Lawnchair Kings
  • Date Published: November 4th, 2016
  • Music Genre: Country / Bluegrass
  • Band Members:
    • Pat Dressen: Mandolin, Drums, Vocals
    • Hap Purcell: Banjo, Guitar
    • Dan Leek: Bass, Vocals
    • Eric Nordstrom: Vocal, Guitar
  • Number of Songs: 10 Songs
  • Album Length: 31 minutes

About The Lawnchair Kings:

Lawn Chair Kings have been on the Durango, CO music scene since 2000. They have celebrated a “western garage” flavor, with country, rock, pop, and punk influences. Known for their catchy tunes and good-time performances, Lawn Chair Kings have been a steady force in the Four Corners Region.


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