Services and Solutions For Artists and Bands

Band Services

Services For Artists and Bands

Please keep in mind that Durango Music is still very much in proof-of-concept phase. Therefore a lot of the things listed here are coming soon. Consider this more of a “roadmap” of sorts. A way for us to display what we’ve got planned for the future. Completely building out the site, getting it dialed in and ramping up website traffic, social media followers, email subscribers and brand recognition is our number one priority. Once that is implemented, we can start expanding and implementing ancillary products and services, such as the solutions were outlining on this page.


Free / Value-Added Services

These are the services we offer musicians free of charge


Band Page / Artist Page / Discography

One major feature of the Durango Music website itself is our Band Directory and the individual band pages. The band pages list information on the band, a list of their social media, website, music-centric sites ranging from BandCamp to iTunes and any other relevant web properties. The band pages also include a discography when available and we can find it.

How Information Is Gathered: We’re doing our best to create the most comprehensive and accurate band pages as possible, based off the information available. All information comes from the web properties controlled by the bands and artists themselves. As long as the bands keep up-to-date information across the board, it will lead to accurate and comprehensive information on that end.

That being said; we’d prefer to get the information directly provided from the bands themselves. We’ve made a great effort to personally reach out to various groups to ensure everything is accurate as possible. If you’d like to reach out to us for the same reasons, we’d very much appreciate that, and it would ensure that the band pages contain all the best information and are tailored the way your band would prefer.

Band Page Customization: Do you want your band page customized beyond the standard template we use? If you contact us and request any additional information, customization or changes be made, we’ve got no problem doing that for you.


News / Announcement / PR Submissions

Got something newsworthy coming up? Shoot us all the information, along with any images or other visual assets and we’d love to feature it on the site, as well as share it via our social media. The closest it can get to publish-ready blog format the better. If it requires some work to get it formatted correctly, we can still handle it in-house.


In Beta: Live Stream Events On Durango Music

With the Coronavirus outbreak, music events have became impossible. Not only are all bars and restaurants closed, but gatherings of 10 or more people have been outlawed in Colorado, with similar restrictions in surrounding states. Therefore, online is one of the few options available. The problem is the limitations of the streaming platforms available on YouTube, Facebook and other sites.

We’ve got a solution that allows up to six people to be live on air at the same time, with an additional 4 standing by, while still being able to communicate by built-in chat system. The platform also supports banner art, green screens and other cool features. Currently, we’re able to split between YouTube and Facebook, with more options possible. The live feed will also be embedded into a blog post on Durango Music, as well as the homepage during the event.


Coming Soon: Individual Musician Pages

After we complete the band and venue directories, one of the next major projects is getting individual musician pages up and running. This is going to be a long and intensive content series, and we have yet to figure out how we’re going to prioritize which musicians get added first, or what the template will contain information-wise. Here’s a rough idea of what the pages will contain:

  • Cover photo
  • Bio
  • List of sites / socials
  • List of bands (current and past)
  • Contact info / other generic information
  • List of CDs the artist is featured on

If a musician would like to request any additional information be added, or any other customizations made, they can do so by reaching out to us.


Coming Soon: Discographies

Another content series we plan on rolling out is discographies Each CD will have it’s own page displaying the CD artwork, list of tracks, links to locations where the CD can be purchased online, a track list and a link to the main band page (as well as a link to the CD page on the band’s page).


Coming Soon: Interviews / AMAs

Want to be interviewed by Durango Music? Get a hold of us and let’s make it happen! Interviews can be done via video or text. Video interviews can be done live or prerecorded. If done live, it’s an option to take questions from the live viewers as well. Questions can be pre-determined or could be more impromptu if you don’t mind going off the script. Bring the whole band, or get interviewed as an individual! Video interviews will also be embedded as blog content, and all interviews will be shared via social.


Coming Soon: Social Media Takeovers

Want to take over one of our social media accounts for a day? We’d love to let you! Social takeovers gain musicians increased exposure from a following outside of their own. Multiple social networks available. List of rules and guidelines for social takeovers coming soon!


Coming Soon: Guest Star On Durango Music Podcast

Once we get the podcast up and running, there will be plenty of opportunities for guest stars who are interested in jumping live on air with us. Podcast schedule TBD. Podcast will most likely be a weekly series. The length of the podcast is also TBD. Podcast will be syndicated to iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, YouTube, SoundCloud and all the other popular podcast directories and feed catchers.


Music Production & Syndication / Fulfillment

Solutions for production, mastering and syndication / fulfillment


Coming Soon: CD Production / Fulfillment

Full-service CD production and fulfillment. Everything from design and artwork to the e-commerce and fulfillment. E-commerce available on both Durango Music and the band’s website. Don’t have a website? Ask us about our web development services. As far as fulfillment of CD purchases go, the shipping can either be handled by the band (we setup the e-commerce and you handle the fulfillment) or fully managed by Durango Music.


Coming Soon: Digital Syndication and Sales

Sell your music online, directly on Durango Music, as well as on all the major platforms, including iTunes, BandCamp, Amazon and more. Digital music sales enables artists to reach a large audience, without the upfront costs of CD production and the necessary time or money required to fulfill CD orders.


PR & Marketing Services For Musicians

We offer a wide range of marketing services, ranging from print to web services


Coming Soon: Design / Printing

Design for printing, whether it’s posters, flyers, cards, CD inserts or other print needs. We will work with the print companies to provide the artwork files in a print-ready format, designed with both quality and pricing in mind. Digital print for short run and offset for large run. Potential to consolidate runs and orders on similar jobs to provide better pricing for all parties.


Coming Soon: Web Development / SEO

With our web development, not only are you getting a fully functional site, but also the leading search engine optimization (SEO) expertise available in Durango and the surrounding area. The website works as a hub for everything band-related. List everything including bios, contact information, links to sites and social, blogging on upcoming events, add YouTube, SoundCloud and other multimedia and customize your site the way you want it. The CMS (Content Management System) makes it simple to add or modify content with little to no technical knowledge required.

Ask about our free sites for individual musicians:

  • Pay only for the website name ($15-20 annually)
  • Turnaround time contingent upon workload
  • Guaranteed no hosting costs for 1-year after site is built
  • Template-driven, artist must supply required visual assets and copy
  • Further customization can be performed by the individual
  • Required: Footer link to Durango Music


Coming Soon: Social Media Marketing

We offer a number of social media services, ranging from design and implementation, to fully managed (posting, updating art to reflect upcoming events, replying to comments / messages, ect). Also gain additional exposure through our social media presences available on the following sites:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Group
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

  • Tumblr
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • YouTube
  • Bitchute

  • DTube
  • SoundCloud
  • AudioMac
  • Multiple Podcast Sites


Beta: Email Marketing

Implementation (Email platform, opt-in forms, basic consultation) available now for free, pay only for the platform starting at $15/mo and free for 30 days!

Placeholder. Notes: Gonna state that we can either provide the implementation (get them signed up with an ESP, opt-in forms embedded in web properties, ect) or fully-managed (sending campaigns on behalf of). Also going to mention that we’ve got our own opt-in list that we can send on behalf of.


SMS / Text Messages

Placeholder. Notes: This gonna be a while out just cause SMS is really touchy when it comes the FCC. They take their opt-ins way seriously. Also need to either lease a number on a  shortcode (those 5-digit numbers you get those business texts from)  or lease your own dedicated. With either comes a price-tag.


Press Release and Media Features

Placeholder. Off-top I can holler at DurangoDowntown and DGO Magazine. Oh my god, fucking 360Durango still has a broken Google+ link on their site-wide navigation.